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  • David Huber
    Owner / President

    Dave Huber is Owner and President of Huber Automotive, building a foundation of business ethics and transparency that carry over from the influence of the company's founder, his father "Sonny" Huber. Alongside his brother Tim, Dave continues to grow the dealership with a passion for his family, his faith, his community, and of course all things motoring. Oh, and you may catch him racing vintage Datsuns on occasion as well.

  • Tim Huber

    Tim, co-owner and son of the late Charles "Sonny" Huber (founder of Huber Automotive in 1959), has worked for decades alongside his brother Dave helping forge this business into what it is today. Tim has a long list of loyal customers, and has exemplary customer service with a small town, casual demeanor. 

  • Bill Barrett
    Sales Manager

    Bill has been with Huber since the start of 2016, although he's had a longstanding friendship with the Huber family. He has over 30 years experience in the auto industry, he lives locally, and his energy and enthusiasm can certainly be refreshing as well as contagious. 

  • Rick Crano
    Business Manager

    Rick has over 12 years tenure with Huber Automotive, and knows every corner of the car world having over 30 years of dealership experience. Rick is friendly and professional, and if there's financial questions or needs, he has the answers.

  • Haley Rebant
    Finance Manager

    Haley has worked in the automotive industry for nearly 25 years and is the newest member of our finance team! The first car she ever owned was a 1997 Mercury Cougar Bullet in Silver. Her dream car is a '57 Chevy!

  • Brandon Llewellyn
    Sales Associate

    Brandon is a hometown guy and a Heath graduate. He is a big family man with an amazing daughter. His first car was a 1978 Chevy K10, and his dream car is a 1960 Volkswagen 23 window bus.

  • Joe Millat
    Sales Associate

    Joe Millat, from Newark, Ohio, is a family man with a baby boy named Hudson. Joe has been in the business locally for 7 years and this isn't his first time at Huber, and we are proud to welcome him back with open arms to the Huber family. His first car was a 2005 Mini Cooper S and his dream car is a Land Rover Defender. 

  • Travis Youngs
    Sales Associate

    Born and raised in Mooresville, North Carolina on Lake Normon, Travis raced jetskies for 8 years. Travis has been in the car business for 17 years now. He moved to Ohio in 2011 and his been here since. He currently rides a 2001 Suzuki GSXR600. His dream car is a Pagani Zonda R.

  • Emily Bowman
    Sales Associate

    Emily is proud to be the first female sales associate for Huber Automotive! She has 3 years experience working in the car world and started as a sales associate 1 year ago! Her first car ever was a 1999 Chevy Cavalier and her dream car is a red Evo 10 GSR. 

  • Colton Huber
    Sales Associate

    Colton started working at the dealership during his freshman year of high school! He spent a few years in detail but now has several years' experience on the sales floor. His first car ever was a 2006 Nissan Altima, and his dream car is the Porsche Carrera GT!

  • Matthew Huff
    Sales Associate

    Matthew Huff is a new addition to the Huber Automotive and he was raised a car enthusiast and has a huge passion for the car industry and everything involved with it. His first car was a 1991 Honda Civic that he built with his father and his dream car is a rhd (right-hand drive) EF Civic Sedan.

  • Donea Bishop
    Service Manager

    Donea has a 3rd generation Service member, with an extensive level of experience in all things automotive. She's born and raised locally as a "car person", and her first car was a Plymouth Volare Station Wagon.

  • John Thornton
    Service Advisor

    John mans the front desk of our service department and he is always ready to lead a hand. His first car ever was a Ford Ranger with a body kit and spoiler! If he could have any car of his choice, it would be a 1969 Camaro SS and it must have a 454.

  • Bob Martin
    Shop Foreman

    Robert Martin, known by the world as "Turbo Bob", is a master mechanic of all things domestic and foreign. He's from the Newark/Heath area and has spent his life making fast cars go even faster, and has developed a reputation as one of the best in the business. Although he can and has worked on everything, his heart belongs to the Turbo Buick world, where he's been known to be able to fix a Grand National while wearing a blindfold:-) During race weekends you'll seem him working tirelessly at the track as Crew Chief for the Huber Automotive race team.

  • Nate Trombley

    Nate Trombley has 4 years of experience as a technician and continues to put in full days for the Huber Service Department. While he doesn't have a favorite car, he is partial to Subarus. You can see him around town in his World Rally Blue WRX.

  • Jeremy Anspach

    Jeremy is the youngest member of our service department. He claims to have been a tech in spirit for the last 5 years, but has 4 years of actual experience. His first car ever is a 2006 Chevy Cobalt, and his dream car is a 2008 Chevy Cobalt with automatic windows and seats that he hopes to upgrade to one day.  

  • Frank Schwenning

    You can find Frank hard at work in the service shop. He has over 6 years of experience as a technician. His first car ever was the 1976 AMC Pacer, or "Upside Down Fishbowl" as he called it! His dream car would be a 1970 Chevy Chevelle!

  • Steve Morrison
    Detail Specialist

    Steve can always be found hard at work and he has over 10 years of experience as a detailer! His first car ever was a 1986 Chevy S10 and his dream car is a Porsche GT3 RS.

  • Tammie Mccoy
    Office Administrator

    Tammie is a behind-the-scenes expert, handling several vital entities of our business office. She's been on the Huber team for 4 years and is instrumental in the functionality of our business. Her first car was a '77 Chevy Vega, and her dream car is the iconic '57 Chevy.

  • Rick Hupp
    Office Assistant

    Rick wears many hats related to his position in our business office, and when you see him it's just a glimpse since he's most often on the go. He's been with Huber Automotive for 9 years and is the official authorized user of the Huber Soul.

  • Garret Ware

    With over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry ranging from domestic vehicles to exotics and supercars, Garret is a true car nerd. Finally back "home" in Heath after years of work in the big city, Garret is a husband, father, and serious car enthusiast with a home-grown personality and infectious smile. We're glad to have him!

  • Noah Shannon
    Social Media Manager

    Noah Shannon is an associate here at Huber Automotive tasked with Media presence and first impression development (photography, social media, etc). Noah is originally from Newark and has been around cars his entire life. His dream car is an R34 GT-R Nissan Skyline, and his first car ever was a Hyundai Tiburon.