When people are looking to buy a car, sometimes they can dismiss used models as they are often seen as “less than.” While it’s true that used cars have had a previous owner and have miles on them, that doesn’t make them any less reliable. Here in Heath, OH, our dealership sells nothing but used models, and since we’ve been in business since 1959, people clearly like what we offer.

The Benefits of a Used Model

While there is plenty of value in buying a new car, used models also have unique benefits. For starters, used models are always less expensive. Even a model a year or two old can be thousands less because of how fast cars depreciate.

Then there’s the fact that most models don’t change much year to year. So, if you buy a three- or four-year-old car, you can find most of the same features that newer models offer. And since car companies care about driver safety, even used models are reliable options as cars are designed to last for quite a long time.

But as a Columbus resident, if you remain unconvinced about the value a pre-owned model provides, then let us tell you about the certified models we sell. Unlike a “standard” used model, certified vehicles offer dealership incentives. When you buy a certified pre-owned model, you’ll get a vehicle that has undergone a 100-point inspection process, has been repaired of all damage and comes with a limited dealership warranty.

Shop with Us Today!

If you’re from the Columbus area and looking to buy your next ride, head to Huber Automotive today and check out our dealership’s used vehicles. You’ll find plenty of cars, trucks, and SUVs to meet your needs, so take a drive and visit us today.

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