With winter just around the corner, schedule winter-preparation service at Huber Automotive near Lancaster. In this, you're making sure your car, SUV or truck is ready for what's to come in winter weather.

What does winter-preparation servicing comprise at Huber Automotive?

Given the length and breadth of Ohio winters, it's best practice to prepare your vehicle for anything that should arrive in inclement weather and its lasting affect.

And with very simple procedures performed at Huber Automotive, you've got the confidence to go anywhere, anytime during winter doldrums to soon envelope Columbus.

So, let’s briefly summarize the winter-prep servicing performed daily at Huber Automotive:

Oil Changes

Winter imposes stress on engines and those working, internal parts. To allow for stress to be absorbed efficiently, oil changes and filter replacement enhance fuel economy while providing fresh oil for parts' lubrication.

Tire Rotations, Servicing

Potholes can seriously throw-off proper wheel alignment. By having tires rotated in time for winter, treads will be examined for uneven wear, which may signal faulty front-end alignment -- often felt with veering to left or right.

As well, it's a good time for our technicians to spot issues with tire integrity. Potholes met with speed may cause a blowout given tires too worn or under-inflated.

Brake Systems

Brake system parts of rotors, pads and calipers see an inordinate amount of wear given location.

Before winter sets in, have your vehicle brake parts inspected for corrosion and wear. With road salt and incessant winter moisture, it's an opportune time to replace parts now, readying for the corrosive aspects of snowfall and icy roads seen on current parts.

Huber Automotive – For All Your Vehicle Winter-Preparation Servicing Needs

Make an appointment online or visit our local Heath area service department today. This will help to ensure winter is tackled appropriately with winter-preparation servicing performed beforehand.

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